What are the prerequisites to join?

There is only one criterion to join us and that is you need to be an Indian racing enthusiast. That's it.

How do I join IRC?

You can head to the our Join Us page to become a permanent member. Joining our discord server is mandatory to be an IRC member.

Do I need to be a gamer to join?

No. Any Indian avid motorsports fan is more than welcome to join us. We also engage in real life motorsport chatter, memes, and everything in between.

Why does the website ask for a discord and steam login?

The IRC ecosystem contains a deep integration with steam and discord to identify drivers and provide a seamless experience with our functionalities.

  • Steam login gives us your unique Steam64 ID.
  • Discord login authorises us to manage your roles on the IRC discord server.
  • Your unique identifiers, which include your Email, are not public to the community.

Are there any cross-platform leagues?

IRC does run an F1 league on the latest F1 game which does support cross-platform. Additionally we have a dedicated space for members on PS and XBOX console platforms to interact with each other and host online races.